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Iarly's RahXephon Tv Review


Rated: 9

No, there's nothing simple in RahXephon. Nothing is clear or straighforward, except the fact that there's more than the eye meets. You've got to pay attention, or you'll miss insignificant details that migh give you the keys to the greater misteries. I have to admit, I love the kind of anime that makes you think, that keeps you alert. If this is your dish, then go ahead. You won't regret it. Nothing I'd say can actually describe the experience per se.

I watched this show in a few hours. Just couldn't get up my chair. After I was done (and left with a very satisfied smile) I let it rest for a couple of days and went all over it again. And I liked it even more, if possible. If that alone is not enough to speak for RahXephon, then I don't know what else could.

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